NanoCapsulate™ GEN2 Liposomes, once re-hydrated (GI tract), range in size, with the majority being under 100 nanometers, for next-generation rapid cellular uptake.

Our trade-secret manufacturing technology NanoCapsulateproduces possibly the most powerful, and stable, dry-form, oral (PO) Liposomal Encapsulated Supplement available on the market today. 

Our Liposome Encapsulation Manufacturing Process takes many hours, and because every supplement has a different chemical structure, each one has its own Liposome Encapsulation Process.

Towards the end of our unique "dry-form" Liposome Encapsulation Process, all the liquids are removed, without the product being exposed to freezing, or any extreme temperatures, resulting in a crystalized, concentrated, stable dry-form, true Liposomal Encapsulated Product.

Standard "Liquid-form" Liposomal Supplements are notoriously unstable, and typically can be safely stored for only 3 months (refrigerated), before beginning to fully deteriorate, and lose substantial effectiveness.

In contrast, our unique "dry-form" Liposomal Supplements can be safely stored for at least a year, without significant deterioration, maintaining extremely high potency and effectiveness.

Our product manufacturing is in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for Dietary Supplements.