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Chlorine Dioxide 100ml Kit - MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution

Chlorine Dioxide 100ml Kit - MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution

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Fast & Easy 1:1 Mix Ratio - 100ml Water Purification Kit - eMMS - Emergency Miracle Mineral Solution

Water purification set consists of two components which are accorded to the guidelines of the drinking water regulations and compliant with the standards of the food industry.

100ml 1:1 Mix Ratio Kit...

1 x 50ml Sodium Solution (NaClO2) 28% (in plastic dropper bottle labeled "Part A")
1 x 50ml Activator Solution (HCl) 4% (in plastic dropper bottle labeled "Part B")

Great for Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Outdoors, Emergencies... Always treat questionable water!

Fast & Easy Water Purification...

1. Use a clean dry glass. Any water residue will dilute the drops, and hinder the chemical reaction. (Tip: Can also use the bottle cap.)
2. Add Part A drops (lightly squeezing dropper bottle).
3. Add the same amount of Part B drops (Activator), directly onto the Part A drops.
4. Allow the drops to mix. The chemical reaction will create Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2).
5. Wait about 30 seconds for the solution to turn amber in color.
6. Add water. NOTE: Do not add to water until the solution is amber, or dark yellow.

1:1 Mix Ratio = 1 drop A to 1 drop B
Standard Water Treatment Dose = 2 drops (each) per 500ml Water

Advanced: See CDS/MMS Protocols: CDS/MMS Protocols 

Important: Please store bottles in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight. The sodium solution (NaClO2) is sensitive to UV light.

Component A: 28% Sodium Solution (NaClO2)
Component B: (Activator) 4% Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

What's in the box:
1 x eMMS Chlorine Dioxide (100ml) kit
1 x 50ml Activator Solution (HCl) 4%
1 x 50ml Sodium Solution (NaClO2) 28%

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